Personalise Credit Card Rolls for Improved Customer Service

Friday January 13, 2023

In this day and age, having an online or digital presence is stronger than ever, with the majority of individuals and businesses having some form of online existence. The use of social media, digital marketing, e-commerce, and even platforms such as zoom, have all impacted the way we live and how we carry out day-to-day tasks. However, along with the expanding digital world, there has been an impact on customer engagement, especially face-to-face. Even in physical retail shops, the use of e-receipts is becoming the preferred choice, but why can this be negative?

If you work in the commercial or hospitality industries, perhaps in a shop or restaurant, you will know that customer service is key to making a business thrive. When consumers and staff members are able to communicate and engage with one another, the overall experience is a lot more positive. However, as digital technologies start to advance and get in the way, customer engagement has become less of a priority. For example, some restaurants now have a QR code to scan for your table number, where you can order food and pay for the bill with no human interaction at all, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Here at BPC, as a company that specialises in paper roll products, we believe paper receipts are a simple yet effective way to keep the conversation going with your customers. By personalising your credit card rolls, you can retain your customers and help your brand grow, without having to be so vocal. Nearly every transaction, especially within customer-driven industries, ends with a receipt at some point, so why not take advantage of it? We offer a bespoke printed paper roll service, which allows you to purchase paper rolls with any design you like.

Promotions printed on chip and pin rolls

A simple way to retain customers is by printing discounts on the back of receipts, with an offer that they can use for their next transaction. Not only will this draw in more business, but your loyal customers will keep returning for more.

Include feedback and surveys

Another way to interact with customers is by printing a web address onto the back or bottom of the receipt, for people to leave feedback on their service. This will also help to drive traffic to your website, which will result in both physical and online conversions.

Add social media channels to epos rolls

If your business has a large digital following, it might be wise to add your social media channels to the back of your epos rolls. Not only will people be able to make conversions in-store, but they can check out your social platforms after their positive experience. Customers can then engage with you both online and offline.

Although receipts are a rather simple product, they can make a huge impact!

High-quality Credit Card Roll Supplier

For bespoke receipts, we provide printed paper rolls that can be personalised exactly to your taste and business outcome. They can be used with credit card machines, cash registers, ATMs, transport tickets and more. We can print up to 8 colours on the roll, so you can advertise your logo or add an eye-catching promotion. Plus, if you require a bulk purchase, we will apply a discount to your order!

If you have any questions about our paper products or our bespoke service, please contact us on 01772 622804 or email and our team will be more than happy to help.

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