Industries That Use BPA Free Rolls

Friday September 9, 2022

Here at BPC UK, we stock an extensive selection of high-quality paper rolls, with BPA free and Phenol free grades now available. It is common knowledge that paper rolls are used in industries such as retail, but where else are they used? In this blog post, we discuss the range of industries that use BPA free rolls, and the applications they are compatible with. BPA free rolls may have more usage than you think!

Paper rolls without the BPA chemicals have become increasingly popular, for the very reason that they don’t impact human health. Yet, despite having a different composition to traditional thermal rolls, they work just as well. BPA free rolls are smudge-free, compatible with all thermal printers, environmentally friendly, and unharmful to humans. All of these attributes make these specific paper rolls a preferred option for many corporations and industries.

Transport Tickets

A common use of BPA free rolls is within the public transport industry, with paper rolls present everywhere within the sector. We manufacture various types of transport tickets, suitable for airlines, buses, and rail. These rolls are compatible with all transport printing machines, whether that be a general ticket machine, POS systems, card machine or kiosk. For versatility, our transport rolls are available single or double-sided and can be acquired plain or pre-printed.


BPA free rolls are widely used in retail, which you will be aware of if you go to the shops regularly. Retail is a primary industry that uses paper rolls, specifically at the end of a sale, used with cash registers, chip and pin machines, and receipt systems.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry might not be an obvious industry that uses paper rolls however, they are common in kitchens, restaurants, and bars, for receipts and to pick up orders. Our kitchen rolls are suitable for kitchen receipt printers, to streamline everyday business operations. These non-ink roll types are particularly ideal for the food industry, to avoid ink poisoning in consumable products.

Leisure and Hospitality

The final industry we are going to discuss is the leisure and hospitality sector. Although we have already discussed BPA free rolls in settings such as restaurants and bars, they are also used in cinemas and with the lottery! These rolls are an inexpensive but effective solution to print out numerous receipts and lottery tickets, designed for POS systems and till terminals.

We are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of paper rolls, so you can rely on us for high-quality products that suit a range of applications. All of our paper is responsibly sourced and available BPA free to reduce the impact on the planet and human health. Our BPA free rolls can be used in all kinds of industries, supplied in any size you require, plain or printed, and available in 8 colours. If you require paper rolls, contact us on 01772 622804 or email to discuss you’re requirements. We also offer discounts on bulk purchases, so start your order today!

Card marchine paper roll reciept

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