How BPC UK Promote a Healthy Paper Market

Friday December 9, 2022

One of the largest industrial sectors in the world is the paper industry, which constantly produces an array of products to meet all consumer demands. From receipts, sticky notes, and magazines, to massive billboards, there will never not be a need for paper! However, deforestation, illegal harvesting, and irresponsible planting are all malpractices which bring the paper industry to a downfall. Due to these activities, organisations across the world including The Forest Stewardship Council, have raised awareness to show that there are other ways to promote a healthy forest market.

Responsibly sourced forest products can bring many benefits to the forest area, people, and wildlife. Due to controlled measurements in place, the Choose Paper group states that European forests have grown in the last 10 years by 44,000km², which is equal to 1,500 football pitches being made every day!

Another benefit of paper as a consumer and commercial product is the fact it is recyclable. It is one of the most recyclable materials in the world, with old and scrap materials being pulped down into something new. As long as everyone recycles their goods and keeps to responsible practices, then the paper industry should thrive for years to come, alongside the environment too.

What does our FSC certification mean?

A way in which we help to sustain the paper industry is how we source our materials. In April 2019 we were rewarded with an FSC certificate, from The Forest Stewardship Council. This certification signifies to our customers that we are a sustainable business, sourcing our materials from FSC-certified forests that are strictly managed and follow the required standards. When you purchase any of our paper products, our FSC label ensures that you have bought a product that has supported the lives of forest workers and has preserved environmental diversity.

There are over 200million hectares of forest that are conserved and managed to FSC standards, for businesses and consumers to use to maintain a healthy paper market. We are committed to continuously derive our products from sustainable forests, and we have worked hard to achieve this accreditation. All of our paper rolls are packaged with an FSC label, containing FSC’s trademark tick logo to show that we are using the very best procedures.

Hopefully, our brand values and commitment to being more environmentally friendly will encourage others in the industry to follow suit. Please feel free to browse all of our paper products on our website or if you require more information, contact us today on 01772 622804 or email and we will be more than happy to help!

fsc certified logo on carboard roles

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