Our Environmental Commitment Continues – Investment in New Machinery

Tuesday February 16, 2021

Here at BPC UK, we’ve worked hard over the years to find the latest and greatest ways for us to continue our commitment to the environment. Whether that’s improving our recycling rates, working towards being given FSC® certification or investing in our machinery, we’re always looking at how we can move forward as a business.

Our latest investment in machinery to manufacture coreless paper rolls is another significant step taken by BPC UK towards our commitment to the environment. Everything we can do as a business to help prevent more plastic from ending up in the ocean, we’re proud to do.

The Investment

Significant capital investment was made in our new machinery. We made the decision to invest to ensure that we stay a step ahead of many other paper roll manufacturers by being able to produce coreless paper rolls right here in our UK factory.

This means we can now begin manufacturing our paper rolls without the usual, single-use plastic core that many other paper rolls have. Not only is this an investment in BPC UK but also our customers for whom the environment is important.

How We Can Move Forward

As previously stated, our aim here at BPC UK is to become as environmentally responsible as we possibly can.

Not only is our wastepaper recycling rate close to 100%, but we are also FSC® certified and now that we can add coreless paper rolls to our offering, we’re able to move forward as a company in a way that meets with our internal principles and hopefully, aligns with the principles of our customers as well.

So not only will you be playing your part in helping to protect our oceans from unnecessary waste plastic, but you can also rest assured that when you buy your coreless paper rolls from BPC UK, you’re supporting sustainable forestry with our recycling best practices.

Coreless Rolls

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