BPC (UK) announces significant capital investment

Wednesday August 18, 2021

As the easing of legal restrictions gathers pace and confidence continues to rise in the UK economy, we are proud to announce further capital investment as we strive to provide the highest quality paper roll products at the lowest trade prices in the UK.

Whilst the retail and leisure industries have been some of the hardest hit sectors due to the lockdown restrictions, the partial opening of the leisure sector on the back of the opening of non-essential shops has seen the market for thermal paper rolls and till rolls recover as footfall and the number of transactions has increased.

In response to this continued growth in sales and confidence, we have decided to continue our strategy of investing in technology and machinery that will increase our capacity to supply this growth and keep our prices extremely competitive.

Our latest investment is a semiautomatic TRL-AT: Slitter rewinder for thermal paper rolls, plotter and ATM rolls which has been purchased new direct from the manufacturer LA MECCANICA FUMAGALLI SRL. The company was formed in 1947 and is heavily involved in the manufacture of paper converting machines and specialises in semi-automatic and automatic line equipment to produce cash register rolls, multiply rolls, and fax rolls.

The machine we have purchased is recommended for small, medium, and large production capacity as changing the settings for different width and diameter configurations is simple and fast to achieve, and the automatic tucker increases productivity by 20% compared to a machine with a manual tucker.

Nick Emmett commented on the company’s investment “We have been planning our investment strategy carefully as we look to the future and this new slitter rewinder machine will complement our existing new machinery, and in particular give us a bigger capacity in production of large plotter rolls, ATM rolls and lottery tickets. We can’t change what has happened in our industry, but we can choose to be positive and invest in the future and be ready to supply peak demand again when it arrives.”

In additional to the investment, we have most of our team back operating our converting, slitting, and printing machines, with our order books starting to fill up as we move through the summer months. We are looking forward to getting back to full speed with an increased capacity, and continuing to do what we do best, which is supplying the highest quality thermal paper products, till rolls, receipts, and tickets at the best trade prices to our loyal customer base.

BPC (UK) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper rolls. We manufacture and supply, thermal rolls of any size, POS, transport tickets, leisure, and most other grades of paper roll including specialist thermal rolls for use in medical diagnostic machinery. BPA-free and phenol-free grades are available now at great prices.

Contact us today on 01772 622804 to speak with one of our friendly team of experts and find out how we can assist you with your paper roll requirements.

TRL-AT Slitter Rewinder

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