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From January 2020 all thermal paper must be BPA free due to an EU directive which comes into force. AT BPC UK we are planning to make this move in summer 2019 and alternatives to BPA (Bisphenol A) are BPA free paper and phenol free paper.

BPA is present in many plastics and is also used in the food packaging industry. Some countries have banned the use of BPA in children’s products such as toys and drinking bottles however it is still used by some manufacturers in the lining of cans used for vegetables, soups, fruits and other foods.

This topic has been covered in the media recently and some retailers are using this to push electronic receipts in place of paper receipts, some sources have raised concerns that this allows retailers to gather personal information and an article published in The Daily Mail dated April 2019 written by Ross Clark gives a more balanced argument on this topic.

BPA free and phenol free paper is available for use and we can make any roll you require using this paper. Please contact our sales department on 01772 622 804 for more information.

The paper industry works hard to ensure paper is sourced from sustainable forests. BPC UK is FSC® Certified, this means our paper comes from paper mills certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Please ring our sales department on 01772 622 804 for further information.


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