Bisphenol A (BPA) in Thermal Paper Now a Banned Substance

Tuesday February 2, 2021

The use of Bisphenol A has now been restricted, even banned in certain products including Thermal Paper Rolls due to its toxicity to the human body.

Credit card receipts, cash register slips, tickets and other paper products are often made from thermal paper coated with a chemical substance that reacts with a dye precursor to form a colour when exposed to heat. Bisphenol A (BPA) is one such chemical substance commonly used but in January 2020, the European Commission restricted the use of BPA in thermal paper and it can no longer be used in the manufacturing of thermal paper rolls.

In December 2016, the European Commission published a new regulation restricting the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in thermal paper in the European Union. After 2 January 2020, thermal paper containing BPA in a concentration equal to or more than 0.02% by weight was banned for use within the EU.

Scientific studies carried out by experts report that BPA has several possible significant health implications for humans. These include disrupting properties which affect a person’s reproductive capabilities, that it can cause respiratory irritation and serious eye damage and may cause an allergic skin reaction. Bisphenol A has also been identified as an endocrine disruptor for human health and toxic to aquatic life.

Meetings have been held in Europe since March 2019 to look at both financial and sustainable alternatives to BPA in thermal paper. The initial meeting was with the Belgian health and economic public authorities, with the European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA) support who hosted a workshop on alternatives for BPA in thermal paper, their benefits and financial implications.

What is BPC UK Regarding Bisphenol A (BPA) in Thermal Paper?

Here at BPC UK we are constantly engaging with the paper industry and looking at what environmentally friendly alternatives are available at that time on the market. There are currently several alternative products currently available in the marketplace and we now offer our customers BPA-free or phenol-free printed paper rolls as standard.

Some BPA free receipt paper alternatives that are available today use a urea-based compound and vitamin C both of which are BPA and BPS free. The market is constantly and quickly evolving so please contact us regarding the latest developments and if you have any questions about paper manufacturing here in the UK, we’re happy to help where we can.

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