Benefits of Phenol Free Paper Rolls

Friday July 8, 2022

Phenol free paper rolls produce high-quality print, just like traditional thermal paper but without the added chemicals. Phenol free thermal paper is made without the use of Bisphenol A (BPA), Bisphenol S (BPS), or any other phenol-based thermal chemicals.

BPA is a phenol chemical that was traditionally used in making thermal paper for its heat-resistant properties, ultimately making the paper safe to use in equipment such as card machines and POS systems.

However, there has been evidence that links exposure to BPA to certain health conditions such as infertility, heart disease, and different forms of cancer. Due to the toxicity to the human body and its side effects, there was an EU-wide ban on BPA in January 2020 which included the ban of the chemical in thermal paper. All of BPC UK’s products are completely BPA-free and phenol free.


So, what are the benefits of using phenol free paper?

Lasting Imagery for Decades

Phenol free paper rolls work just as well as traditional thermal papers but are a much safer choice. These paper rolls produce durable printed images that have a long-lasting image life. The imagery will stay intact for up to 10 years and will not rub off with handling or wear, and they will remain smudge-free.

Lowered Health Risk

Phenol free paper is resistant to heat just like the outdated thermal papers but without the harmful BPA or BPS coating. The printing process is purely a physical reaction rather than a chemical reaction. These papers have an opaque layer and when in contact with heat from a thermal printer the layer becomes transparent, leaving an image to be revealed underneath. Thus, the vulnerable people who are at risk from BPA such as pregnant women, infants, and individuals with underlying health conditions are no longer exposed.

Compatible with all Thermal Printers

They are still compatible and useable in almost every thermal printer! So, there should be no negative effect for businesses or companies who formerly used BPA and phenol thermal paper rolls. Phenol free rolls can be used for ATMs, cash registers, transportation, and plenty of other applications.

Environmentally friendly

With fewer chemicals being used in the process, manufacturing phenol free paper is more beneficial to the environment. Therefore, choosing phenol free paper will lead to everyone becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable, which is always a bonus. Here at BPC UK, all our materials have been responsibly sourced and FSC certified.

Changing Misconceptions

People will always need receipts whether that be for shopping, dining, invoices, and so on. To promote the use of phenol-free receipts a global campaign, Choose Paper, which advocates the advantages of paper receipts, released data that showed most consumers prefer physical form receipts over digitalised ones. The research revealed that 54% of European shoppers prefer paper receipts and 59% believe paper receipts are practical for returns and refunds. As our phenol free rolls now cause no human harm, people can continue to use paper receipts, with the peace of mind that they are safe to do so.

Choosing Phenol free Paper with BPC UK

BPC UK has been a leading manufacturer in the paper roll trade for over 40 years, providing the finest and highest quality paper rolls. Here at BPC UK, we have chosen to listen to our clients as we always want what’s best for them. Therefore, keeping up with the current market we have a range of BPA-free and phenol-free grades available.

We are committed to catering to our customers’ requests and so all our paper can be produced as FSC Mix Credit, meaning our paper is resourced from FSC-certified forests. We have also invested in new machinery which can make our paper rolls without any plastic or cardboard to be even more sustainable.

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have regarding our phenol free rolls, or for any additional information you may require on our full range of paper products.



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