Environmental Principles

Environmental Principles – Here at British Paper Coils we are committed to continuously improving our efficiency; we aim to do this by minimising waste, reducing our carbon footprint and striving towards achieving a greener business overall, as well as seeking to deal with other environmentally conscientious companies.

  • We aim to minimise waste of any rolls which do not conform to our strict quality guidelines, they are economically recovered by de-coring and reusing all plastic cores, and recycling all cardboard cores and paper.
  • All waste paper is collected and recycled.
  • Our paper suppliers are FSC approved – Please click here for more information about our paper suppliers.
  • Our Ink supplier is recognised as an organisation that goes beyond minimum legal compliance and continually improve their environmental performance by EMAS – the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme.
    Please click here for Huber Group EMAS environmental Statement.
    Click here for Huber Group UKAS NQA Certificate for Environmental Management BS EN ISO 14001:2004.
  • We use HYDRO-X water based ink, with HYDRO-X extender and antifoam.
    Please click here for more information about our ink.
  • Our inner and outer packaging boxes are recyclable and are made from recycled paper, these are locally sourced, this reduces our carbon footprint and has a lower environmental impact.
  • The plastic cores we use are manufactured from 100% recycled high impact polystyrene, our supplier was carefully selected with their own in-house recycling facility and are situated locally, lowering our carbon footprint and allowing us to strive towards a greener finished product.