Here at British Paper Coils we are incredibly proud of having very fast printing turnaround times from completion of artwork to finished product and feel confident that we are the most efficient in our industry.

Tickets and receipts are essential for business to consumer payment transactions; it is a prime opportunity for companies to put their message straight into their customer’s pockets & purses. Businesses can make the most of not only their own paper rolls but by advertising on other company’s rolls too, the benefits of this are endless and advantageous for any size business, it is successfully utilised across multiple industries such as:

Hospitality, Restaurants & Catering
Entertainment, Sports &
Health, Travel &

How do Businesses use printed rolls?

  • Strengthen Brands
  • Increase Awareness
  • Boost Sales
  • Gain & Retain Customers
  • Show Terms & Conditions
  • Reach & Engage with Target Audience
  • Measure Redemptions & ROI Using Vouchers & Coupons
  • Demonstrate Returns & Refunds Policies
  • Effectively Inform
  • Apply Security Features
  • Advertise & Promote
  • Seasonal Offers & Occasions
  • Logos

Our printing can be as simple as a one colour text & image or be as creative as our customers desire, maximising effect with the use of up to 4 spot colours/full colour process & eye catching illustration.  We have 2 large printers on site, a Comexi 4 colour central impression press and a CMF 4 colour press, both of which are run and maintained by highly skilled and experienced printers. We have a computerised ink kitchen on site giving us the capability to store ink formulations for exact colour matches on all jobs that we print. We can mix any quantity of ink to any required pantone reference giving a precise match for new jobs and accurate re-prints on repeat jobs. The ink kitchen gives us a greater level of accuracy and flexibility allowing us to turn print jobs round very quickly and effectively. Click here for further information regarding our ink.

The customer may supply their own artwork, or alternatively we offer a complete design service, throughout the process of any print we are on hand to provide support, help and advice, this ensures that we always meet if not exceed our customer’s requirements and take great pleasure in doing so.