We Manufacture and Supply Rolls of all Sizes and Types of Paper
If It’s Not on the Shelf We Can Make It for You


Measuring Roll Sizes



Diameter Diameter - 20mm up to the customer’s requirements.


Core Core – This measurement is the distance between the two inside walls. Depending on customer requirements sizes can vary from 8mm to 76mm.

Paper Types

Grade A This is a 1 ply, bright white plain impact paper. The image is printed on with ink from a ribbon. This paper is commonly used for telex rolls, adding machine rolls and some cash registers.

TMP This is a 1 ply, slightly less white plain impact paper. The image is printed on with ink from a ribbon. This paper is commonly used in telex rolls, adding machine rolls and some cash registers. This tends to be a cheaper alternative to Grade A.

Thermal The image is applied to the paper using heat technology, essentially the image is burnt on by the machine’s printer head. This 1 ply paper type is now the most commonly used within the industry, as technology has evolved this method has become the more favourable and so most modern machines now require thermal paper. It is available in different weights and thicknesses, standard weights are 48gsm/55gsm/58gsm and the heavy weights tend to be 70gsm/80gsm/107gsm/140gsm, 175gsm. We also stock anti-abuse & long life grades.

Multiply This paper is made up of multiple layers to produce multiple copies (usually 2 or 3 ply) from one transaction. This is impact paper with a carbon layer which enables the duplication; each layer of paper can be the same colour or a mixture of colours such as white, pink and yellow. This type of paper is commonly used for kitchen printers and credit card machines.


We primarily use two different types of cores, plastic or cardboard. These can differ in size and thickness depending on the customers’ needs; we can if necessary source other types. Core sizes can vary from 8mm to 76mm, the most commonly used sizes are 12.7mm / 17.4mm / 25.4mm.

Our paper is approved by the popular OEM’s such as EPSON, IBM, Toshiba, Star and Fujitsu, G-Tech and many more

  • EPOS ROLLS – Till Rolls/Cash Register Rolls/PDQ Rolls/Credit Card Machine Rolls/Chip & Pin Rolls/Till Weigh Systems
    We manufacture and supply a wide range of EPOS (electronic point of sale) rolls. These are available in any size and a variety of different paper types depending on the machine’s requirements. Our site’s capacity allows us to hold considerable stock for the standard most popular rolls and can quickly make anything that is bespoke and not on the shelf. We can produce printed rolls with up to 4 spot colours/full colour process & eye catching illustrations such as T&C’s, returns & refunds, adverts & logos etc. If you are unsure of exactly what you require please do not hesitate to contact us we are always ready to help.
  • Credit Card Machine Rolls/Chip & Pin Rolls – We provide an extensive range of credit card and chip and pin rolls to fit all machines. These are available in thermal paper and two ply paper and an array of different sizes. If you are unsure of exactly what you require please do not hesitate to contact us. If you know the make & model of your machine we can find the roll you need.
  • ATM ROLLS – Cash Machine Rolls/Cash Point Rolls – We can manufacture paper rolls of all sizes for cash dispensing machines. These demand high quality consumables that are consistent and reliable. We manufacture rolls to meet these criteria for all installations, ensuring that they perform efficiently and precisely. Our ATM rolls are manufactured to a guaranteed length, resulting in a consistent number of transactions per roll, and are supplied in 55gsm, 58gsm and 70gsm weights of paper (other weights and thicknesses are available please contact us for more information).
  • Facsimile/Fax Rolls – These rolls are thermal, we can provide a variety of sizes, they are held as a stock item so are readily available and designed to be compatible with all types of fax machines.
  • Adding Machine/Calculator & Telex Rolls – We have an extensive range of single and multi-ply rolls to suit most machine applications, the majority of these are available from stock. The rolls are made from a variety of raw materials, most commonly Grade A wood free and TMP paper types.
  • Tacho/Tachograph Rolls – Our thermal paper is approved for use in a variety of tachograph machines. We use high quality long life paper; this is a non-BPA grade with very good resistance against heat, plasticizers, oil, fat and water.
  • Bus, Tram & Transport Ticket Rolls– Our ticket rolls are manufactured to the exacting standards required for use in various transport ticket dispensing units such as Wayfarer, TGX, Almex, and Optima, Scan Coin, P50’s & Depot Reader Rolls, these are supplied in guaranteed lengths and accurate widths to your specifications. We can insert square and round bungs, easy crush cores for safety and use any of our paper types, weights and thicknesses, with security prints and UV ink prints to validate tickets and prevent fraudulent copies. Printing on the front or back of bus and transport ticket rolls is a prime opportunity for advertising and promotions. These can be aimed at broad and geographically targeted audiences with prints of up to 4 spot colours/full colour process & eye catching illustrations.
  • Gaming/Betting/Kiosk/ Bookmaker/ Bookie Rolls – We supply a variety of different rolls to fit the needs of all gaming terminals such as Cyberview, Gtech, Star and Touchbet. We can print the gaming company’s terms and conditions, logos and safe betting etc. This is also a prime place to advertise and promote on both the front and back of the rolls with prints of up to 4 spot colours/full colour process & eye catching illustrations.
  • Printed Rolls – We can print up to 4 spot colours/full colour process & eye catching illustrations with very fast printing turnaround times from completion of artwork to finished product. This is a prime opportunity for businesses to put their message straight into their customer’s pockets & purses. It is successfully used throughout many different industries to:
    • Strengthen Brands & Increase Awareness
    • Boost Sales, Gain & Retain Customers
    • Show Terms & Conditions
    • Reach & Engage with Target Audience
    • Measure Redemptions & ROI Using Vouchers & Coupons
    • Demonstrate Returns & Refunds Policies
    • Effectively Inform, Advertise & Promote
    • Apply Security Features
    • Seasonal Offers & Occasions
    • Logos

    Our customers may supply their own artwork, or alternatively we offer a complete design service, throughout the process of any print we are on hand to provide support, help and advice. Click Here For More Information.

We can make almost any size and type of business machine roll. If you have a bespoke size, are unsure in regards to your machine’s needs, or have any specific requirements such as box sizes, shrink wrapping or labelling please pick up the phone and speak with one of our experienced and friendly members of staff, we are always willing to go the extra mile to find you a solution.

As a service we supply a range of consumables such as ink ribbons and cassettes, if we don’t already stock it we will use our knowledge and connections to source it, please contact us for further information.