About Us

About The Company

Since 1977 British Paper Coils has been manufacturing and slitting paper rolls, these years of experience and combined knowledge have enabled us to become experts in print and slitting within our industry. We can make anything bespoke that is not on the shelf within a short time, and will always go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ wants and needs are met. No matter how unique the enquiry may be we are always up for a challenge.

We use only the best quality raw materials from accredited paper mills around the world and stock many different types and weights of paper to suit a variety of business machine needs. Our paper is approved by the popular OEM’s such as EPSON, IBM, Toshiba, Star and Fujitsu, G-Tech. Our purpose built factory has extensive storage capacity to make and hold bespoke stock for call off by customers who cannot store the whole order at their site. This has been extremely successful and proven particularly beneficial with EPOS rolls containing customized print (electronic point of sale such as till rolls and credit card rolls) for large and small organisations with multiple delivery dates and destinations.

Our site is perfectly positioned within 5 miles of the national motorway network, we deliver on a daily basis locally using our own transport and nationally using well recognised and trusted parcel and pallet carriers.

BPC UK serves many different industries such as hospitality, restaurants & catering, entertainment, sports & leisure, health, travel & retail and take great pride in producing printed rolls for many of these. We are among the fastest and most skilled in our industry for printing any artwork. From receipt of approved design to actual delivery of the finished product we can boast of turnaround times as little as 2-3 days. We can print logos, T&C’s, refund policies, security features, advertising, OCR marking or colour washing, we can also vertically perforate rolls.

Our Values

Here at British Paper Coils we like to keep our customers exactly where they belong, at the heart of our business; we work closely with our distributors and take great pride in building strong, lifelong relationships and loyalty.

Our values are quite simply that we believe in good honest hard work and dedication. Our consistency in producing high quality & volumes of paper rolls and print enables us to continue to work in conjunction with some of the world’s largest and most recognised corporations and their brands.

Come in and have a look at some of our machinery and facilities:

Despatch Area
Part of the factories storage
Packing table facility
Packing table facility
Second Floor Storage
Second Floor Storage

Learn more about how our machines work – Below shows the key stages of our LEMU in operation

Paper reel is mounted on to the machine
This is then fed through a number of rollers to create tension & accuracy
The paper is slit, tucked & wound round a core
Red ink warning lines are applied
The rolls are glued and removed from the bar
They are carried down the conveyor belt
Within this stage the rolls are banged with a pneumatic hammer
They are diverted towards the packing area
Once arrived at the packing area the rolls are inspected for quality control and boxed